As an independent family funeral directors with decades of experience we are able to provide a full repatriation service. We offer a 24 hour service to provide you with advice on documentation required as well as coffin and casket requirements. Once you have entrusted us with repatriation of the deceased we will make all the necessary arrangements including:

  • Dealing with the UK authorities as well as embassies and consulates abroad

  • Flight bookings

  • Embalming of the deceased (this is obligatory)

  • Hessian wrapping (if required)

  • Coffin or casket lining (ensuring conformity to international shipping regulations)

  • Unsealing of the repatriation coffin and removal of the metal lining

  • Collection and delivery of the deceased

  • Translation of official documents

  • Full funeral service upon repatriation

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We have the expertise to help you overcome any obstacles that may arise in transporting your loved one back home. Let us minimise your pain and sorrow call H Hardman & Co Ltd of Skelmersdale now for all your funeral arrangements.